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Second Chance for First Impressions: Castro’s 1.1 update

Supertop’s gorgeous podcast app, Castro, was updated to version 1.1 Today. Among the release-note highlights are:

  • An actual settings menu within the app.
  • Continuous play options
  • UI enhancements, and some slick new animations
  • A new playback speed option, with some impressive pitch-compensation

Check out Supertop’s blog for the complete rundown of new features, changes, and bug fixes.

I was super impressed by Castro’s design when Supertop released it at the end of last year. Unfortunately, my monster list of subscriptions, and the lack of any way to manege them all, ended up drawing me back to Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Casts. Three months after Castro’s last update most of my complaints about the app sill haven’t been addressed. It still doesn’t have sync (or an iPad app), there’s no way to filter or group specific feeds together, and there are no discovery features to speak of. I decided to check out the update anyways, and was suprised to find Castro to be much more appealing than I remembered. This, I realized, was less to do with any update or shiny new feature than it was a shift in the way I consume content.

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Minimal ToDo: Begin Review

These days, you can’t go anywhere on the AppStore without tripping over some sort of ToDo app.  To stand out, an app has to do more than just work, it has to enhance or alter the way you go about  organizing and checking off tasks on a list.  This has resulted in many flashy apps that do way more than I would ever need them to do.  Most feel bloated or distracting, making task management more, not less frustrating.  

Begin is one of the only ToDo apps I have stuck with for longer than a week.  It is a beautiful and minimalist ToDo app released to the world by the talented trinity of Kyle Rosenbluth, of Applause Code, Ben Brooks, of the Brooks Review, and David Lanham, of The Icon Factory.  

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