Field Notes: Arts and Sciences Edition Review

I recieved the wonderful summer edition of Field Note's color series over the weekend, and I've got to say, I love them so far.   

The Arts and Science Editions mark the introduction of a new, larger, size, as well as a unique asymetrical page layout (the left hand page is blank, and the right hand is either lined, in the case of the Arts edition, or a grid, in the case of the Sciences edition).  The notebooks come in packs of two, rather than the usual three, with one maroon Arts notebook, and one slate Sciences notebook. 

The larger size is a first for the company, and I love it.  My favorite notebooks to write in (as opposed to just scribbling down notes), have been 7.5 by 4.75, or around that,  for years.  I find it to be a good intersection between portability and comfort.  

The one major downside is the quailty of the paper.  The pages are made of thinner paper than Shelterwood's and the blank pages make it especially aparent.  This hasn't been a problem with most pens, but I recently purchased my first fountain pen, and was disapointed to find the bleeding to be more than I can comfortably put up with on a day to day basis.

While disapointing, the paper issue is by no means a deal breaker.  I love the asymmetrical page layout, and I really hope we see more of that in the future.   There are all sorts of nifty ways I can think of using it, for example, I've been working on using the Sciences edition as a sort of offshoot of the Bullet / Hybid journals.  That's probably my favorite thing about these editions, everyone I've shown them to has had some idea of how to use the two different pages.  I love that something that seems so simple can inspire creativity so naturally.  I'm looking foreward to seeing how people end up using them.

If you're interested in checking out Field Notes: Arts and Sciences Edition, head over to their website, and check out the promo videos (which are fantastic as usual) and pick up a few packs.  I'm already thinking about ordering more.