Ray Wenderlich: tvOS Impressions

With the “late October” release of the new and improved Apple TV  coming up quickly, now is a great time for developers to begin diggin into the new SDK.  If you’re looking for a good place to start learning about tvOS, there are few resources better than Ray Wenderlich's tutorial site.  True to form, he and his crew have published a fantastic overview of the new platform and SDK on their site that covers everything from new APIs to design guidelines and how the apps actually work on the device.

Walter Somerville
Getting Started With Swift: 5 Essential Resources

A lot of programming involves learning how to quickly find examples and solutions from others, making good resources very important.  These are the first websites I check if I hit a brick wall or can’t quite figure out why my console is vomiting errors at me.  They have not only helped me solve problems, they have taught me how the different pieces of the Swift language fit together and operate under the surface.  

Homescreen: August 2014

Man! August, right? It’s been a month jam packed with changes (hence the tardiness of this post). At the end of July I moved from North Carolina to Virginia to begin a new job, and have been working on getting things back to an operable state ever since. In addition to life changes, I flirted with the iOS8 beta not once, but twice. Each time I ended up running into deal-breaking bugs with one app or another, so I’m back to lame old 7 until Apple decides to go gold (Sept. 9?). As the list above shows, I also went through a good amount of home screen changes throughout July and the beginning of August. These are a few thoughts on what prompted the more significant changes, and where I stand now with the apps on my homescreen.

Walter Somerville
Homescreen: July 2014

I’ve really enjoyed reading enjoy reading the regular homescreen posts from Joshua Ginter and David Sparks. Beyond a simple enjoyment of good writing and cool apps, I think it’s a really interesting way to look at how the way you work changes over time. Rather than reviewing them in isolation, I’ve always found app reviews, in particular, to be more interesting in the context of the other tools around them. With that in mind, I have decided to give it a go myself. 

These are the apps currently taking up space on my iPhone homescreen:

Walter Somerville